Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Year Plan...or maybe not...

As I was going through my old Google Documents, I found a 5 Year plan that I had back in November 2008.

5 Year Plan

1. Bachelor's Degree in IT
2. In an MBA Program
3. Sarah's through Law School

So #1 is complete and so is #3.

I'm not sure I want to do #2. I did at the time that I wrote this, and it was my plan for a long while, but as the realities of life began to hit me. I realized that maybe it wasn't the best thing for me to do. It seems as if everyone and their dog has an MBA, and I'm not really sure if it's for me. It's expensive, and I'm not sure what type of return on investment I would get considering I have other things that I could be doing.

I still have another year to decide and determine if I want to complete my 5 Year plan, as planned.

Friday, May 11, 2012

TIME and Nursing

I'm sure that by now...everyone, everywhere is talking about the TIME magazine cover with the 3 year old nursing with his mother.

First, I'll say the obvious. I'm not a parent, nor am I a woman, but I'm an American with an opinion.

Now that that is out of the way, I'm not sure what the big deal is. On one hand we as Americans tend to be really hypocritical. We stir up things that in other parts of the world aren't a big deal. In some places, women go around topless, but those same countries tend to not show violence on TV the way we do. We show lots of violence on TV, but get offended if someone is topless. What's worse? 

So from what I read, it seems people are saying that the kid is "too old to breast feed".  This is the thing that strikes me as strange. We tell other people how to raise their kids in a country that is all about freedom. It seems like this is a personal choice that some families make and I'm sure that we're making the world a horrible place because older kids nurse. Then they'll say that nursing too long leads to child obesity. 

When my wife and I do have a child, Lord willing; I'm not sure what we'll do. I suppose that's up to my wife primarily. Knowing my wife, we would stop when the teeth get sharp. Speaking of teeth, I wonder how teeth will develop. I was under the impression that kids keep the bottles in their mouths and it messes with their teeth, in a bad way. Not sure how true that is, but nursing to an older age may mean that less teeth problems for kids. Just saying...

Then I thought about how the family in America is constantly under attack. I kind of think it's beautiful, in an interesting way, that the kid and mother can share something like that until an older age. Maybe the bond between them is stronger. I think it also helps the kids not to be so prudish. I'm not sure "prudish" is a word. It gets the kid comfortable with nature, and the body, and the bonds that people share. Food is something important to everyone and it's a very personal thing.  Besides, I don't think that people had bottles for that long. Wikipedia says that the bottles like we know them today didn't come around until the 1900s. Before that there were cups that sound like funnels that were used to feed babies. So it seems like most people probably did breast feed for awhile.

The one drawback that I see is that if I was nursed to an older age, maybe I'd remember nursing. Since I'm 28 now, I'm not sure I want to think of my Mom that way or what I did. I don't remember nursing, but my Mom said that I did. I don't like thinking about it because I don't remember and I've been programmed to view that kind of interaction with my Mother as embarrassing. Maybe it shouldn't be embarrassing. Maybe it should be natural and respected. My Mother feels a special bond with me because she remembers those times. I wonder how our relationship would be different if I nursed longer and could actually remember it.

I think the real issue is that the media just doesn't have anything to really talk about. Also, with print media losing market share by the minute, TIME has to stir up the pot every now and then. Get people talking, and such. Well it worked, we're talking about it. My hope is that people stop talking about it because it's not real news or even a real problem. I mean that the cover isn't real news, but the article could be.  I'm also sure that there are special interests involved in this as well. Big companies don't want people to breast feed because that means that they can't sell as much ridiculously priced formula. This also means that it's longer until the kids start eating all the sugary crap that they make. They want people to buy crappy, unhealthy, super-processed food to get their kids hooked, hyper, and diabetic. It kind of makes sense to get people thinking it's embarrassing and strange to breast feed until an older age so that they can make people buy their stuff.

Again, I'm not a parent or a woman, but it seems to me like there is an agenda to program Americans to be feel a certain way. People do all kinds of things that are bad for child development, but I'm just not sure that nursing should/could be a negative thing. To me, it just seems to be more about bonding and family instead of bonding around the TV or while stuffing our faces.   

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I haven't maintained this blog the way I would have liked to. I mean that I've been busy and I've been trying lots of things. Not to mention getting used to the new job, finishing my degree, gaining and losing weight, getting more involved with church stuff, trying to work on becoming CCNA. Life has been busy for me. So busy that I haven't made the time for blogging. This is mainly because I don't think that people actually care about what I say. I'm sure that this is true to some degree, but I have enjoyed looking back into my blogs that I've done in the past and I see the transition that I made. I can tell from reading what I wrote that I was a different person.  This made me decide that I didn't really care if people read my blog because I would write for me and those who care to read.

I was inspired by reading an article on Lifehacker about becoming smarter. Basically, this guy took the approach that he would think of something he didn't know, and then blog about it. This meant that he'd have to look for information and then turn around and explain it. This would then lead him to other ideas and things that he didn't know and he would repeat the process. He also made it a point to blog everyday and kept a calendar of the days that he blogged. He basically would "X" the days that he did blog and then he would see his "streak" of consecutive days. Then he told himself that his only goal was to not break the chain. We goes on to say that this technique can be applied to anything. So I'm trying to figure out what I want to apply this technique on so that I can be smarter.

I think that I'll probably just start by blogging about events that have happened in my life over the last bit of time. Things may not be blogged in order, but that's the fun reflecting.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Taco Bell will now serve Big Macs after Law suit..

Ok...well not really. But they might have to one day.

I heard about this story. Basically a man filed a lawsuit against because they don't offer a same sex service. Unfortunately, eHarmony buckled and is settling by offering an alternative service for homosexual people, and I heard that the guy that filed the lawsuit is also getting $5000. Basically getting away with a silly lawsuit. 

:::Shock and Disbelief::: 

I mean how crazy is that. eHarmony was founded by Neil Warren, and he's a man who had a goal of bringing the divorce rate down by 1% before he died. It was intended to build lasting Hetero relationships. For those of you not hip, eHarmony basically asks you a bunch of questions and based on your priorities, values, likes/dislikes, it used a database to match people. The idea being that if you're honest, you'll be matched with someone who you are compatible with at the core. The idea was mainly to get people together and stay together forever. 

So my issue with it is that there are plenty of other companies that offer homosexual service, but let’s sue this company because they don't offer it. I'm sorry but if I want a Big Mac, I don't sue Taco Bell for not having it. If you want that service, then go somewhere that offers it. I know many people think that this has nothing to do with them, but this is ridiculous. It seems small at first, but then the next thing you know someone will sue other because they don't offer something that that person wants. 

I mean if someone doesn't have what you're looking for, you don't sue them to make them start doing something they don't have. What people don't understand is that it'll get more and more ridiculous and cause all kinds of stupid law suits. Would you sue a restaurant that when you ask for a Sprite, they tell you they only have Sierra Mist? Can I sue Porsche for not making a truck? Can Caucasian people sue the government for not having a Caucasian history month? I mean there is a Hispanic and African American  History months, why not one for Caucasians or people with mixed heritages. Would you sue a steakhouse for not making available a tofu steak? Should women’s clothing companies be sued for not offering Men’s sizes? Bras for men? Jock straps for women? Perfume for Men and Cologne for Women? How come Men can’t play in the WNBA? Isn’t that discrimination. So if you think these kinds of ridiculous lawsuits have nothing to do with you...think again.  

I'm not bashing homosexuals. I'm bashing silly lawsuits that people do to put pressure on our courts/legal systemthat have "real" problems to tend to. There was no crime here. It's not against the law to not offer services to everyone. You cater to your market. 

To me this is as dumb as the lady that complained that the Coffee was too hot at McDonalds, or the one where the parents of a drunk driver sued Honda because their seatbelts aren't designed for drunk people to unfasten them. Coffee is supposed to be hot, and people aren't supposed to drive drunk. I'm sorry that the lady was burned, but it was an accident. I'm also sorry that their daughter died, but their Daughter drinking and driving drunk was not Honda's fault. Instead of suing Honda, ask them to make a donation for an anti-drinking and driving campaign.  

If you want something that someone doesn't have, you take your business elsewhere. It's not hard to figure out. It's not like eHarmony is the only online dating service. I guess if I was eHarmony, I'd argue take it to court and make that argument. They’re not the only site out there and they shouldn’t be forced to offer something they don’t want to. It's unreasonable. Why doesn't the guy take the initiative and start a site for homosexuals. That's the American way. It's called an opportunity and that's what America is all about. Don’t cry about your rights, get off your duff and use your right to start your own business. To make others offer something they choose not to is violating their rights to offer goods and services that they choose. eHarmony doesn’t advertise that they are only for straight people, or broadcast that gay people can’t join. They’re designed to match people of opposite sex together. It’s just not their business model. So take your business to the many other sites that do. 

Take a stand against stupidity…

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Tribute to John Williams

This is awesome and clever.

Nuff said....

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Check this Out.,105511

I guess it's probably only funny to me. Maybe the guy that beat him can get an NBA contract. I'd be a little embarassed if i was LeBron, but then I'd think about how I love that I can play basketball for money and the other guy has to go back to his job.